5 Great Financial Management Apps To Boost Your Startup

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Growing a startup is like hurdling on a track with uneven hurdles. The greatest of these hurdles is getting funding. This usually means, as the Founder, you’ll probably be responsible for doing many things yourself, or having a small team that’s a pro at multi-tasking. One of the things that can’t be done wrong as you go about building your business is financial management. However, getting the professional services to get this done right can be very costly. Especially if you haven’t yet gotten over the big hurdle of acquiring enough funding to hire a bookkeeper or even a whole team of accounting.

Fortunately, there are a range of online financial management apps that are great for early business owners. We’ve compiled a list of apps that can offer some of the solutions in organizing and managing your financials as a growing business effectively.

Salesforce Invoice

 A new online tool by Salesforce, gives you the fastest and easiest invoice tracking.  It has powerful features such as tracking the status of payments. You can also use this tool to schedule early bill payments. This financial management app is great for beginners in CRM software. Furthermore it is specially designed for the benefit of young businesses. It is also very user friendly with its simple drag and drop features.


BodeTree gives you real-time access to all of your financial accounts in one place. It works through syncing securely to your bank and credit card accounts. This allows it to display your business’ financial insights at full suite. A function useful towards setting business goals, calculating the evaluation of your business, making industry comparisons and most importantly, building a strategic financial road-map for your business.


This is a bookkeeping online service which acts like a personal bookkeeper for your business.  They’ll collect all your financial data and turn it into tidy financial reports, offering bank level security with regards to your personal financial information.


 This app is described as the world’s quickest and easiest way to create expense reports. It works through creating reports from an image processor. You take pictures of your receipts, press a processing button on the app and it will automatically create your expense report and email it to you.  The analysis of the program is useful in helping you remember and store the exact details of each of your transactions. Furthermore its  easy design interface makes its use convenient and mobile.


Shoeboxed is a financial management app that’s designed to turn receipts into useful data. Some of its functions include scanning and organizing receipts and business cards, creating expense reports and tracking mileage. The business card scanning function converts your business cards into management contact system allowing you to organize your best contacts without the hassle of misplacing or having an overload of the paper copies.

The powerful thing about technology is how it’s given us the platform to do a lot of things ourselves that previously would require the use of expensive professionals. This list of available online financial management apps reveals just that. Apart from this short list there are plenty of other financial management tools that could be useful to startup owners. Leave us a comment detailing any that you know of or that you are currently using to help sustain the financial health of your business.

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