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2.3 billion tons. This is the amount of food that gets wasted worldwide  every year. Shocking isn’t it? Considering how in the US alone all this waste amounts to $165 billion annually.  A terribly large number. What’s more shocking is how most of us are steadily contributing into it as though  it were a mutual fund for our retirement plans. Passively of course. Through that Turkey you had to throw out because you didn’t eat it and it eventually went off. That half-eaten restaurant lunch that you didn’t think twice about tossing out after leaving the restaurant. Or most commonly, those grocery items that were at such a discount that you had to grab them in bulk. Yet now they’re slowly decaying within the peanut gallery of your fridge. That’s why we like Prepd Pack. They have a solution that could help us divert the dollars we are losing through waste to savings that could actually earn us wealth.

So what is Prepd Pack and why do we care?

Prepd Pack is a lunchtime solution that offers a beautifully designed  main case, which houses a versatile modular system of containers and smart magnetic cutlery. This main case is paired with an app that allows you to plan, prepare and track your food’s nutritional value. We care because they make the process of  preparing lunch easier and more enjoyable.


Why do we like them?

Because of the creativity they’ve applied to revolutionize the tacky process of making and carrying lunch to work. Since we’ve identified how carrying lunch to work can save us thousands of dollars,  they help us not only save money but also curb our contribution to the global food wastage.  Not to mention how sleek the design of their lunch container is. So much so that it fits right in to our very stylish Instagram page. We also like how the app promotes a healthy lifestyle. Proving that being savings conscious does not have to mean neglecting your health or lacking swag. See, a world where one can have it all does exist!


How do they rank on The Money Fam Scale?

Since they managed to raise over $2 million on their INDIEGOGO fund campaign, I guess we can’t be too hard on them. Here’s how they ranked on our scale:

The Money Fam Factor Rank
Looks & Design 10/10. We really love the sleek design making it easy to slip into almost any carry-on bag.
Health 8/10. We like how they pair up with professional chefs and nutritionists to create an evolving library of recipes tailored to fit a broad range of diets, appetites, and health goals.  But this feature may not be of use to you if your lunch is not within the range of the food they cover in their library.
Savings 10/10. You’re carrying lunch to work. Of course you’re saving!
Affordability 6/10. The price range of their products is from $55-$99 for a single lunch packer, which is a tad bit high according to us. However, it could also be an incentive to actually use the product since if you’re willing to spend that much, you may as well make sure that your money is put to good use.
Ease of use 7/10. Their design is simple. We’d give them 10/10 but the only snag is you still have to shop for the ingredients and make the lunch yourself. So they get 7/10 because of our laziness really.


Overall Ranking: 8/10!

We obviously like these guys. Check out the video they used for their INDIEGOGO campaign below and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.



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