The Success Recipe Behind These Millennial Sisters’ Health Empire

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Amazing things can happen when we remain true to ourselves. When we ignore societal standards of what it means to be healthy, wealthy or successful. And start to channel our inner strengths, using the power of our uniqueness to change the world.

Meet Emma and Carla Papas, otherwise known as the Merrymaker Sisters.  They are the epitome of this.

These two millennial sisters are health coaches who’ve created a business that reaches over 250 000 people every month to help them live healthier, happier, more magic filled lives. Throughout their  journey they’ve created the #1 App , Get Merry, published two healthy cookbooks, Make It Merry, and Get Merry Cookbook and created a successful podcast, #GetMerry,  where they share their candid, personal stories and interview the occasional epic guest. They have also partnered with global brands such as Microsoft and Reebok. We caught up with them to discover the recipe behind their sterling success.

When did you fall in love with food and health nutrition such that you decide to create a career out of it?

It was in 2012. We discovered this “real food” way of living and everything just became clear.

We finally realized that we didn’t need to be at war with food, exercise and our own self esteem.

Carla had been on and off a diet since aged 11. Emma was binge eating and throwing up from about 17-24. We had very negative body image issues, we hated ourselves. To us, this was completely normal, we didn’t know there was another way.

As soon as we started this new way of living our lives changed. We became happier people. We had to share everything (on social media) and when that took off we knew we had to turn it into a business.

You are two young millennials who have created a successful business from your passion. Can you tell us what have been some of the highlights in your journey as entrepreneurs?

It’s been one wild ride. And really, we’re just getting started! We’ve had so many amazing experiences. The most recent and exciting highlight would have to be the launch of our Get Merry recipe app. We had no expectations when we launched it.  But before we knew it, it  was  number 1 in the Australian app store that day.

Other highlights are the relationships we’ve created, the people we’ve met and epic connections we’ve made!

What are some of the important lessons that you’ve learned along the way in building your brand as The Merrymaker Sisters?

Everyday we’re learning something. We’re learning about business in general, then we’re learning about ourselves and how we like to run our business. What our values are, what is truly important to us.Building a strong brand has always been super important for us.

Our biggest lesson has been to be consistent. To just keep going and not give up even if you feel like nothing is working.

Keep promoting your work on social media, even when you think no one notices. Keep creating your magic. Don’t stop, just evolve and find something that works. It won’t happen overnight but persistence is key.

Also, you’ve got to be proud of your brand. Brand isn’t just a logo. It’s the design of your website, it’s your photos, your blogging voice, your social media voice. It’s the impression you leave on people.

If you were to choose: Health vs. Wealth, which would it be and why?

It’s got to be health! Without our health we have NOTHING.

If we have our health we can use energy to focus on goals that create wealth.

These projects might fail, we might never ever reach our goals but with our health we can choose to enjoy the whole experience and life in general.

What is your favorite budget recipe? And can you tell us a bit about the story behind it: why did you create it? Who did you create it for? And which other occasions would it be perfect to serve?

We love this Chicken and Asparagus recipe with Caulirice. It’s not only super easy and delicious, but it’s budget friendly (costs less than $20). This is a healthier version of our Mum’s old recipe and it’s perfect for an easy weekday dinner.

We find the best way to ensure you keep healthy meals to budget is to swap up ingredients depending on sales and seasons. If the broccoli is on sale… make broccoli rice instead of calirice!

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