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Before we push the publish button on your work we have some housekeeping rules.

  1. We have opened this platform to allow you to build your brand as a thought-leader, and influencer. Therefore please avoid sales pitches/ promotions/reviews of any products or services. We encourage long-form (1000+ word) posts.
  2. Please explain your role as a contributor,as opposed to editor/staff/etc, when referencing your role with us.
  3. That means you can’t accept information, invites, products, etc on our behalf.
  4. Please be nice. No rude, or obnoxious messages or comments to readers.
  5. We only pay for guest posts in well wishes unless otherwise stated :).
  6. You shouldn’t benefit financially from third-parties in exchange for posting about them.
  7. We may translate, amend, cut, or alter your post as deemed appropriate.
  8. We will not be liable for any potential legal liability that may stem from your articles.
  9. We reserve the right to remove articles or revoke contributor status.


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